The Situation
Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering and Technology was the primary sponsor for the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC on April 28 through 30th. As part of this sponsorship, LM put together the largest trade show booth in its history consisting of a footprint measuring 230' x 210' with 48 booth station areas.​​​​​​​
Media Services, my home organization at the time, was asked to provide support to CE&T along with another designer. Howard Schwartz, a colleague and project manager, our large format Reprographics team, and myself came onboard and worked the project over a duration of a couple months. The project consisted of many moving parts, integration between multiple business area partners across the enterprise, provided a cost savings to the corporation, and ended up winning a Team NOVA Award. The corporations highest internal honor.
Support Scope
Provided project coordination
Helped corporate communication and graphics group with the centennial branding files which would be used thru out the graphics at the event
Design for mobile application assets
Design and vendor production coordination of commemorative coin, executive and volunteer shirts, (8) 91”x108” feather light fabric graphics, (8) 8' x 80' fabric ceiling hung banners
Defining requirements for 45 booths to design and produce 98 graphics panels consisting of (51) 3’ x 6’, (17) 4’ x 8’, (22) 3’ x 4’, (8) 2’x3’, and (16) 5’ x 8’
Design and production of over 700 badges for VIPs, exhibitors, and volunteers
Requirements definement with 3rd party event photographer
Coordinated shipping/delivery of all graphics who were IS&GS material handlers
Staffed one head onsite for additional badges and graphics support
Coordinating shipping of graphics to booth owners (post event)
The Results
Media Services worked with the customer to find savings for the company through out the project. The customer was taking outside vendor bids to produce the print production for the event. The vendor estimated cost for printing/finishing of the graphics was $26.1K.  Media Services print production estimate was $10K. The project requirements had scope creep increasing the actual cost to $13.6K. Media Services saved LMCO and the customer 12.5K or just over 52%
Supporting data (vendor prices)
51 (3' x 6') Printed @3.25sqft = $3,213
17 (4' x 8') printed, mounted laminated @15.40sqft = $8,381
22 (3' x 4') printed, mounted laminated @17.58sqft = $4,642
8 (2' x 3') printed, mounted laminated @ 12.71sqft = $610
Labor Tasks and Actuals Performed
Design/Project Management = $44K
Editing/QC check = $.6K
Printing Banners = $13.6K
Printing Badges = $1.1K
Transportation (facilities driver) = $.6K
Onsite support = $7K
Problem solving print files from customer = $1K
DTS = $.1K

During FW 19 of 2012 there were 860 hours, $70K worth of labor and $6.5K in material costs.
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