Corporate Information Security Panel Series
Security Operations Team & Perimeter Engineering
I really like projects that are collaborative.

In my opinion when a project involves more than one head it usually ends up much better. For this series of wall pieces for a corporate group I teamed with a colleague of mine, Brian Rooney. I frequently bring him into my projects because he's great to work with but also he has really good Maya skills.

The goal was to bring some flavor into the office space of the customer to help build up the morale of the department. To get them excited about what they do. We knew ahead of time that this may take the form of multiple pieces and the customer would want them to relate.

During this project I sketched out an idea in my sketchbook before heading the computer. Even though the end result was a bit different from the original sketch it still helped me get my head around what I wanted to say or show. I'll be adding the sketch the lead to the below pieces soon. So check back.

The pieces were created from various digital assets that were modeled and rendered, assets that were digitally drawn, and stock photography from a stock house.

My contribution to this project was digital illustration & design, and creative/art direction.
Concept sketch during development
Corporate Information Security, Perimeter Security Operations Team Panel
Corporate Information Security, Perimeter Security Engineering Panel
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